Exploring he World of Paramedics

Paramedical professionals are truly the backbone of the medical industry as they have a vital role to play in saving a patient’s life. They are vital in assisting doctors and nurses in providing medical aid to patients. Paramedical courses help students to find jobs in the medical colleges and healthcare industry. Our faculty is well-versed to help educate students and providing them with the necessary skills and tools to make them successful in the industry.

CIMS ensures that the best possible education is imparted in the most efficient possible way. Our students pride on the fact that we give each of them a job placement guarantee in order to secure their future.

There are a number of paramedical and nursing courses we offer to students. These include:

Critical Care Technician: This helps students and professionals to work in the emergency medical department. They are trained to take care of patients who have suffered from anything serious such as strokes, heart attacks or other accidents.

OT Technician: These courses help students prepare to work with and assist doctors and nurses in operation theatres and intensive care units.

Radiology Technician: Helps professionals to use imaging equipment. These include MRI’s, CT Scans and X-Rays.

Medical Laboratory Technician: This provides students with skills to work as professionals in medical laboratories. The primary job is to analyze various test results of the concerned patient and to then provide them with the necessary treatment.

It needs to be noted that the most common courses in the paramedical field include diploma and degree courses mentioned in the four sectors above. We also ensure that we maintain a reasonable course fees so that students can choose a career they have always dreamed of. That is another reason why we find ourselves among the top ten paramedical colleges in West Bengal and the best paramedical college in Purba Medinipur .

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