Principal of CIMS

Cambridge Institute of Management Studies (CIMS) is hailed as a centre for imparting quality education and generating competent skilled human resources to face the over dynamic and competitive scenario which includes expertise to tackle the scientific technological, managerial and social challenge with supreme confidence.

CIMS is one of the fastest growing management institute in Medinipur. At CIMS we look beyond the academics and empower our students with new skills and help them to meet their career aspiration. We are very positive in our approach and work to ensure that the time spent at CIMS is both efficiently and effectively utilizes to best possible outcome.

With specially developed courses to enhance student’s career prospects, we imbue our students with a zeal to work smart not just hard. Our aim is to provide courses which meet the needs of career oriented students who are enthusiastic to explore their talent and skills to cope up with the changing trends in the industry.

CIMS is one of the most renowned Computer Application institute in Medinipur, CIMS GROUP is the best Computer Application institute in Medinipur and Computer training institute Medinipur with a world class simulated Computer Application institute in Medinipur .It offers a Bachelor of Business in International Computer Application, Hotel and Resort Management.

After passing from CIMS, which is one of the best Computer training institute Medinipur, A computer programmer or operator are in high demand in all sectors of the market. They are used at shops to create a database for all the items with their serial numbers, price and quantity ratios. This introductory course provides students with the opportunity to practice using computer operating systems. They use graphic design applications, spreadsheets and the Internet. The Computer Application institute in Medinipur includes information about the social, political and economic effects of Internet and technology on society. Students examine modern examples of how technology is used for research and communication.