Prasenjit Manna

Director of CIMS

We recognize that your institution of learning is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life. we choose our students carefully. You also must choose your institution carefully. I hope that this prospectus will help you in making that choice eaiser.It presents not only the details of our academic programmers but also (Cambridge Institute of management Studies ), we are seeking bright , energetic enriching & personally fulfilling learning programe that encourages students to think in new and creativ ways in the global market place .

At CIMS,The only Institute in west Bengal, you will be trained to take stress and conflict the hardship and paves the path to glorious future in these sector. But to get the real success, a proper enviroment with state of the art infrastructure and good facilities are essential.The quality of our faculty and impeccable infrastructure are impeccable,all contribute to us being the nuber one.Our student and we are well appreciated by various sectors of the corporate worlds who have recruited from us.Cambridge Institute of Management Studies will give a head start to your career.Your right decision also gives us the opportunity to transform you into an able and competent professional for whome sky is the limit. As a proud part of the growing CIMS family,promising you the bright future and pelethora of talent